Suitable for matching the Omega watch a suit

Suitable for matching the Omega watch a suit

The truth is that when I started acting, when I started to work as a tailor to make dress accessories, I started to understand my style better.

A suit

Tailored for you, so you can change everything. In fact, it includes good suit. I like suits are very easy to frame. For women, it is much more complicated. There are thousands of options and options, but there is a suit, you can play with this frame.

I like a formal suit because I feel strange.Because i am a thin guy and something is scattered, I tend to float: I feel a little bit blank. I want to see some guards in a little cuff and my clothes sleeves.

My first Omega watch is De Ville. To Finest Sizeise. He has decided to put it on the face of this model a few years ago when the Globemaster was released. This is very simple, beautiful and elegant, I like it.

Suitable for matching the Omega watch a suit

My father left school at the age of 18 and started working in the city the next day. He is still in the late ’70s. He has such an old style. Dressed in beautiful clothes, in very nice clothes, with some luxurious pocket handkerchiefs, and I was like, “You are still shaking.” So he always has elegance and talent mixed, I think I look up.

There is a watch that can be relieved. If you look at the back of this watch, power: a good thing to be a talented person, artisan behind it – a great thing. Always look at the inner mechanism of the clock that comes to my mind.

I think the watch is super personal. Really do this, I feel convenient for you, depending on many things. I can not put on a big clock. Because I have a fairly thin wrist, these huge enormous things that look good on Daniel Craig’s wrist may not look good for me.

I like the new replica Omega Aqua Terra – especially the rubber belt – classic elegance. Because you can easily wear a low-key, but smoking is very good phone, you can also wear more clothes. My favorite clock is often universal clock.

I like the steel table of the blue dial. I felt blue dial is very beautiful. Because I am often wearing a blue character. But I also have a white dial to exchange clothes.

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